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As a girl coming of age in the late 80s, my mother would run around our condo getting ready for work in her pantyhose. She would drag me and my sister out of bed and make our lunches while her curling iron heated to Pat Benatar temp. Even in the early morning chaos, she was the most beautiful and sexy woman I’d ever seen. I wanted to be just like her.

Fast forward 30 years, I still strive to be just like her. She is kind, giving, and still the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever known. She is married to an amazing man who still looks at her with stars in his eyes and treats her like the true queen she is. Two of my fiercest supporters, they are always there to support their eldest, bat-shit crazy, head-strong daughter.  

While my mother may have fostered my ideas of beauty, my father was no less significant. Raised blue collar, with MOPAR running through his veins, having two daughters must have been a challenge. I have just as many memories playing in BONDO as I do Playtex. As a matter of fact, the Kitten Lingerie logo was decided upon by my dad, because it, I’m almost certain, reminded him of a ’57 Chevy.

Kitten Lingerie is a true labor of love. It was born of the idea that women can kick ass and look sexy doing it. Every single item on this site was uploaded by hand with a woman’s desire in mind. Kitten Lingerie is sex positive and eager to push boundaries.

Let’s play!



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